Férias ExTra

Férias ExTra - a special offer for artists

(Férias = Holiday /Expor = exhibit/Trabalhar = work)

Férias ExTra is a project that offers to visual artists and artists the opportunity, to spend holidays in the stylish Villa Quinta Outeiro da Luz, at the same time exhibit in the Galeria ARCADIA and thereby support the exhibition at the time of stay, as well as to work in the studio. There are also possibilities to exhibit in the studio and outdoors.

Due to the large exhibition space, especially if the terraces and gardens are involved and because of the spaciousness of the villa Outeiro Quinta da Luz, this project can be interesting also for art groups. Each of the available two apartments in the Villa have a living room, three bedrooms, kitchen and one or two bathrooms.

The gallery is approximately 80 square meters, the studio covers approximately 44 square meters. There are two gardens that include a total of 6000 square meters and several (roof-) terraces.

The association ARCADIA provides for appropriate advertising and arrangement of the vernissage. The exhibiting artists can expect a high number of visitors at the vernissage.

Likewise, musicians who come from abroad or from outlying regions and who make a concert in the Quinta da Luz Outeiro, can live in the villa and in this way, musicians can connect a concert with spending holidays. The association ARCADIA also provides forĀ  appropriate advertising concerning the music event.