23th June 2013 - Fair of Art and Crafts

Visit us on 23th June at 10am to 7pm to admire numerous objects of arts and crafts made by amateur artists, professional artists and craftsmen surrounded by the marvelous nature at the Quinta Outeiro da Luz.

The festival will be accompanied by live music and catering will be provided. Admission free.








13th July 2013, 13h00

Vernissage of painter Lina Nobrega, exhibition until 1 August.

More information will follow.



3th August 2013 16:00

Vernissage of painter and writer Pedro Olaio.

More information will follow.




6th April 2013: Agricultural Conference.

With much thanks to Eng. Ana Teresa, Dr. Bernardo Portal Madeira & Dra. Lurdes Gonçalves, Jornal Correio de Azemeis and TV Ribeirinhas!








On 11th May 2013 ARCADIA started the event "Bring your hat".

We invited our friends of the Portuguese association of disabled people APPACDM from Albergaria-a-Velha, to visit the Quinta and bring their hand made hats of all kinds and shapes.










On 8 July 2012 at 16.00 o’clock the inauguration of the "ARCADIA - Association for Art and Culture in Dialogue" took place, which was accompanied by a vernissage of the artist Carola Justo.
António Justo, the Chairman of the Association gave a speech about the philosophy and aims of the association. Dr. José Augusto Fernandes delivered a laudatio speech regarding the paintings of Carola Justo. Finally, the artist herself spoke about how the ideas to her images arise. Rui Martins (acoustic guitar) and Carlos Teixeira (Portuguese guitar) accompanied the event with Portuguese music. There were present about 120 visitors, including the mayor of Branca, the councillor of the Culture Department and various representatives of associations and institutions. The nearly 50 paintings, which were exhibited in the main gallery and in the studio for a month, received a very positive response.







On 27 July 2012 at 21.30 o’clock took place the first "Cultural Serao" (cultural evening event). Using a blend of music, poetry and humorous interludes occurred: Domingo Santos (vocals), António Justo (poetry), Rui Martins (acoustic guitar), Poems of Altino and Raquel Pires, Carlos Teixeira (Portuguese guitar), Abílio Tavares (poems ), Ana Catarina Justo (fado songs), Albino Justo (two humorous scenes), Patrick Ganster (vocals and guitar), "Ecos de Memória" (singing, folk dancing, presentation of village scenes). The event ended off with the fact that the 35 members of the "Ecos de Memória", who were all dressed in traditional costumes, animated the audience to dance on stage. About 150 visitors were present.







On 4 August 2012 at 16.00 o’clock the painter Carola Justo hold a lecture on the theme: "Discovering the source of their own creativity." It brought together some 33 visitors to listen to the over 1-hour lecture, which incorporated the audience with exercises of spontaneous writing. The lecture explained what creativity really is, which external and mental conditions help to further creativity, how to overcome barriers and what forms of creativity there are.







15th of September 2012 - OLCA (Orquestra Ligeira de Cambra), with Laura Fontoura.







ARCADIA took part in two competitions:

May meeting of 5 to 13 May 2012 in the townhall of Branca:
ARCADIA participated actively in the May Day, were various groups exhibited bundles of broom-branches (Maia) at the Cultural Centre of Branca. The ethnographic group "Ecos da Memória" organized this event and distributed awards.
The event had the aim to promote and to maintain one of the oldest and finest traditions of the city Branca. Bundles are made from brooms together with straw and decorated with paper flowers or real flowers.







25 Years Anniversary Celebration of ProBranca
On 17 June 2012 took part the 25th anniversary of the association ProBranca. On this occasion, a scarecrow contest was held. ARCADIA participated in the competition and exhibition of scarecrows and won 2nd Price.







Further Projects 2012 inter alia:
November: Chestnut Festival ("Magusto")

Projects in 2013 inter alia:
One to two exhibitions (Exhibiting artists not yet determined)
July - August: Summer Academy with various lectures