About Us


ARCADIA was founded in March 2012 and is a nonprofit  registered organization, which serves the achievement, promotion, placement and the interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue in the field of art and culture. Its activities contact people in its various ages and situations. ARCADIA wants to enrich the local, regional, national and international culture in a spirit of belonging to the cultural ecosystem. Its headquarter is  Quinta da Luz Outeiro, Rua Padre Conceicao Artur Pires 11, 3850-565 Chaque - Branca, Portugal. Branca is located in northern Portugal and is part of the District of Aveiro.


The name ARCADIA was derived from the abbreviations of “Arte e Cultura em Dialogo” (Art and Culture in Dialogue). The word Arcadia has at the same time a historical background:

It was created by a group of poets, scientists of the School of Galileo, philosophers and writers who wanted to return to classicism and so in 1690 they founded an academy in Rome (Accademia dell’Arcadia). This movement criticized the Baroque and wanted to return in their artwork to the classic simplicity following Plato and Aristotle in the spirit of the good, beauty and elegance. On his jorney to Italy, Goethe became a member of the Academy of the Arcadia.

In 1756, Portugal imitated the Italian Arcadia by founding the Arcádia Lusitana. Although it only lasted 8 years, it had great influence on arts and literature. Its aim was to fight against the "bad taste" of the poetic literature of the 17th century and to promote its own aesthetics. Arcadia members prepared Portugal for the beginning of romanticism.

Even if we only partially identify ourselves with the spirit of that times, it is the the creative and innovative spirit and respect for the own culture and history we have in common with the old Arcadia members. Today, even more than in former times when we live in times of radical changes, marking a new era. In these times of globalization, there is an urgent need to preserve the esteem of the people and the natural and cultural habitats that are extremely threatened by the expanding materialism.

Consequently, "ARCADIA - Association for Art and Culture in Dialogue" wants to practice in their initiatives and among its members a human and unpretentious atmosphere of friendship and mutual complement, not only tolerance and appreciation of the other.


We want to achieve on our own initiative or in cooperation activities, initiatives, projects and bridges for dialogue in the fields of art, culture, environment, civil rights and cultural exchanges and strive to support institutions, individuals and societies, that devote themselves to culture and art. We also want to promote the creativity of children and adolescents. We would also be a platform for the public including people who are privately active as artists and also for initiatives that deserve public recognition.


We offer the option of exhibiting paintings, sculptures and other works of art in the Gallery ARCADIA and in the studio, both of which are located in the Quinta da Luz Outeiro. Artists who come from a distant region or from abroad, have a chance to stay in the Quinta da Luz to Outeiro to accompany their exhibition, at the same time spending holidays and / or working in the studio. Art pieces can be exhibited in the gallery, in the studio and in the garden. (See: Férias ExTra)

We also organize meetings, readings of literary texts, concerts, cultural events, seminars on philosophical, social and cultural issues, etc. We presuppose a good quality of artistic works, lectures, seminars, concerts, etc.


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